#WomanCrushWednesday: Behind the Lens with Ariana del Mundo

I don’t just mean in her ridiculously adorable relationship (with equally as talented husband, Alex). She’s in the business of love – more specifically, in the business of documenting it in the most beautiful way. Ariana and Alex co-run their own wedding photography business, Ariana Del Mundo Photography, from their Guelph, Ontario studio. They serve Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo and other areas in Southwestern Ontario, as well as the GTA, and do engagement shoots, weddings, graduation and...

#SaturdaySpotlight: Patrick Constant on Playing the Perfect Man...

Patrick Constant stands outside the CAA Theatre in Toronto, where the touring cast spent a month When asked to think of the perfect man, two characters immediately come to mind. Samwise Gamgee, the true hero of the Shire, and Jim Halpert, everyone’s favourite paper salesman. How does anyone mentally prepare to revive either of these roles? The answer: you welcome the challenge. The Office! A Musical Parody opened its doors in New York City on October 3rd, 2018. While the show is continuing...

Thursday Tails: SCAAR London Brings Healing and Support – Not Just to Dogs, but to Their Humans, Too

Last Sunday, Second Chance Auction Animals Rescue (SCAAR) held their fourth annual Parking Lot Paw-tay in a Pet Valu parking lot in London, Ontario. The event brought in a number of visitors – human and four-legged alike. The goal of the fundraiser was to raise money towards the surgeries of two resident dogs, Panda and Puppy, and it was more than successful – the rescue raised over $4,000 in just five hours. SCAAR is a not-for-profit rescue organization based in London, Ontario. They take in b

Momina Sumbal on Changes, Sustainability, and...

Here it is - the first official #WCW! Make sure to subscribe for weekly features on the women that inspire me. Yes, she’s got an iPhone. Yes, she loves a classic Netflix rom-com. Yes, she’s up to date with all the latest trends. Most importantly – she’s in the know about sustainability and the state of the world, about racial and gender inequality, about injustice in our society – and, like so many other millennials, she’s actually working to do something about it.

Holocaust Museums and Memorials of Poland

The Second World War, beyond a history book In Fall of 2015, I had the opportunity to live in the beautiful country of Poland for four months while on exchange. Living in the cultural, historical city of Krakow held many challenging, but wonderful, moments as well as some of the most eye-opening experiences of my life thus far. The city of Krakow’s Second World War and Holocaust memorials and museums represent only a fraction of the damage done to Poland and other Eastern European countries.

Self Love: It really is a journey

My entire life, I've disliked the way I looked. At least since I was old enough to know that I wanted boys to like me (we're not even going to get into the societal reasons of why I felt at such a young age that boys were the be-all and end-all of defining my self-worth... that's for a whole other post). This continued throughout middle school, high school, and university. I had a couple of moments over the years of feeling good about myself, and those were usually when I was with my friends...

The Holidays Can Hurt

On May 9, 2010, after a long battle with an illness that wasn’t meant to be fatal, my older brother passed away at McMaster Hospital at the age of 18. I find it hard to remember any of the Christmas holidays in the years that followed. Therapists, doctors, and self-proclaimed grief gurus talk about the five stages of grief almost religiously: “It will come,” they say. “You will get to that final step. It will get easier.” They’re not wrong — it does.

Perceptions and Lives of Polish Servicemen on the Western Front in the Second World War

During the Second World War, soldiers from many different occupied countries were able to escape and fight alongside Allied forces on the Western front. After the invasion of their country in September 1939 by the German Army, Polish soldiers, sailors and airmen were among this group. After Poland’s defeat, the country’s servicemen were forced to either remain and fight in the Polish Resistance or flee and fight elsewhere.

I Used to Hate Myself: Travel Edition

Strong title, I know. It's the truth. I used to hate myself - in particular, I hated the way I looked. I know I've made some posts about self-love before, but this one is a special Travel Edition. Recently, I was going through photos of my trips - as far back as 2013 - and found photos that I distinctly remember hating when I saw them for the first time. Because of my pimples, my weight, my hair, my smile. Now, years later, I'm finding that they're simply representations of who I am.

Canada's Outdoor Farm Show - FCC Livestock Central

FCC Livestock Central at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show is the perfect place for farmers to experience the latest innovations in livestock farming from a number of different exhibitors. Species-specific exhibitors will include dairy, beef, sheep, goat, swine, poultry and more. The TD Dairy Producer Pavilion and the Livestock Pavilion are home to many livestock exhibitors, while the Britespan Dairy Innovation Centre and Grober Young Animal Development Centre are great places to see new technology in action.

Mark Zuehlke Talks Canadian Military History

Mark Zuehlke is known as one of Canada’s best military historians. In his Canadian Battle Series, he researches lesser-known episodes in Canadian military history. We asked Zuehlke about his latest book in the series, Cinderella Campaign, and why talking about history is as important as ever. Leslie Thompson: When and how did you become so interested in Canadian military history? Mark Zuehlke: My interest dates back to when I was a young boy and my great uncle Fred would come to visit. He’d lost an arm at Vimy Ridge, and because he worked with helping WWII veteran...

Little by little, one travels far.

JRR Tolkien